24 Hour Service!

  1. Restaurant Maintenance
    We repair all types of Kitchen Equipment from Pizza ovens, Smoker ovens, Convection Ovens, Steam wells, Soup wells, Stand up Refrigerators, Under the Counter Refrigerators, Beer Refrigerators, and all Ice Machines.
    Restaurant Maintenance and Repairs
    We also perform minor plumbing repairs snaking drains, repairing sinks, toilets, as well as minor electrical repairs. In addition to Installations and Maintenance of Air Conditioning/ Heating and Refrigeration equipment.
  2. Commercial Refrigeration
    We Service all types of Refrigeration from small ice cream freezers to drive in Refrigeration Units like this one. This Refrigeration unit stores Apples, it must maintain a 34-36 degree temperature.
    The inset picture in the upper left corner is the compressor system to maintain the temperature in this room and the 6 other cooling units. The man in the corner is over 6 ft. tall.
  3. Construction
    Installed Mini Split System in the construction phase of a sun room being added to a home.
    Line sets are installed in the walls with protective metal covers to prevent screws from puncturing the line sets. We place our connections behind the air handler on the wall for easy access should there be any reason to check individual units. Preventing any need for drywall destruction.
  4. After Care
    We service any type of Heating / Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Commercial Kitchen Equipment.
    We also offer the convenience of a Service Contract - depending on the system which can be twice a year or quarterly, where cleaning and checks are performed to ensure optimal unit efficiency and prolong the life of the unit.